Yusef Alexander

November, 2014

As a co-founder of real estate investment firm AH Capital, I always find it satisfying when our team completes the repositioning of a residential property. Each project is a product of AH Capital’s targeted approach to investment as well as a reflection of my values.

AH Capital has a fine-tuned strategy for redeveloping both residential properties (1 to 4 units) and Class C multifamily properties. For our investors, this strategy produces superior returns by substantially increasing net operating income and boosting occupancy. At the same time, it creates high-quality, affordable living space for homebuyers and renters, which in my eyes is the most fulfilling result.

In essence, my business philosophy is centered on creating abundant exchange – that is, producing lasting benefits through the work that I do. At AH Capital, that work includes directing acquisitions and dispositions, as well overseeing project management and implementing the marketing strategy for repositioned properties.

Growing up in L.A., I had first-hand experience of the city’s underserved residential communities, and I wanted to help revitalize neighborhoods and provide affordable housing options for residents by rehabilitating distressed properties. Since AH Capital’s inception in 2010, I, along with my brother Daniel and Nick Halaris, have repositioned more than 100 residential properties totaling $30 million in sales.

Our multifamily investments, which total more than $100 million to date, are largely focused on Atlanta and other Southeast markets. We specialize in repositioning well-located, Class C properties that have been left to deteriorate due to mismanagement and deferred maintenance. After purchasing a multifamily property, AH Capital implements our proprietary Site Culture Improvement system to rehabilitate, reposition and rebrand the property. The end result is a thoroughly updated property that is a safer, more appealing place for residents to live.

As part of the “abundant exchange,” we take a Class C property and reposition it to the next level, adding amenities such as modern appliances, walking trails, Wi-Fi and fitness rooms.

Our residential communities appeal to the Millennial generation and working families alike. It’s important to me that our strategy does not price out working-class renters. I’m also pleased that our repositioning results in the type of high-quality home that a guy would be happy to bring his girlfriend to after a date, or invite his parents to for Sunday dinner.

Due to our successful track record, we know that our repositioning strategy can be effective from Montana to Montreal – or, in other words, virtually anywhere. AH Capital’s residential and multifamily investment is largely focused on markets in Southern California and the Southeast U.S., but we will continue to expand into additional markets, including cities in the Southwest.

Our repositioned properties exemplify our mission statement: “The lifestyle you deserve”. Like the residents of our properties, I enjoy the chance to live the “good life.” In my spare time, you’ll see me jogging on Manhattan Beach, taking a cruise on the marina, or eating dinner at a favorite restaurant. For my birthday, I visited three amusement parks in one week with my wife and kids (Disneyland, California Adventure and Soak City). After all that fun, it was certainly nice to come home. And it’s definitely rewarding to be involved in a business that creates the kind of homes that residents look forward to returning to as well, whether after a long day at work or after an action-packed weekend at Disneyland.